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Blogs are a really bad place to post stories, especially ones with multiple chapters or parts, and yet people (myself included) do it all too frequently.  While there’s always the tag hack (and that’s one of the reasons why I tag everything redundantly), everything is still posted out of order.

Thus, I have decided to make a chronological master list of everything I’ve written and posted to this blog.  I also have some more fanfic on my account and part of my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel is posted over here.

Original Fiction

NaNoWriMo ’09 (Unfinished, WIP)

Title:  Sadly, it is unnamed
Genre:  SF&F, humour, parody
Word Count: ~30 000
Rating:  PG-13ish
A group of Heroes are summoned from a supermarket line to a Kingdom of Magic plagued by an Evil Overlord… except they’re too old (except for Cassandra) and there are too many of them (thanks to Katryn’s curiosity).  Nonetheless, they are The Prophecised Ones and Must Vanquish The Ultimate Evil.  Bickering, explosions and physics-magic rapidly follow.

NaNoWriMo ’10 (Unfinished, WIP)

Title: Thawed
Genre: SF, crime, drama, comedy (my usual)
Word Count: 2327
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: A 26th century private investigator lands himself in a steaming pile of political and scientific hell after he takes a 23rd century biophysicist home.  Oh, and there are terrorists.  And mob bosses.  And it’s set on a generation ship.

Title: Dusk
Genre: Horror, paranormal (vampire) romance
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Sixteen year old Rosalynn Sparrow moves back to her hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota where she reunites with a childhood friend and becomes enthralled in the vampire Donovan Locke’s world.



Title: Fangirl
Genre: Humour/Crack
Characters: Kate Beckett and Rick Castle
Word Count: ~1200
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None. Unless fangirl!Beckett disturbs you.
Spoilers: Inspired by Suicide Squeeze and references to One Man’s Treasure, amoung others.
Summary: Buzzed on wine, high on Castle’s delicious smut scenes, Kate Beckett fires up Word and indulges in her own guilty pleasure.  Followed by What Kate Wrote.

Title:  What Kate Wrote
Genre: Romance with a touch of pwp
Characters: Kate Beckett, Nikki Heat, Jameson Rook, Raley and Ochoa
Word Count: ~2200
Rating: R
Summary: What Kate wrote… and what Rick read.  A spiritual sequel, of sorts, to Fangirl.

Title: Advice
Category: Humour, romance, Castle/Beckett established relationship
Word Count: ~1800
Rating: PG
Summary: Alexis asks Beckett for advice on a possible summer job – modelling.  Ryan and Esposito add their two cents and Castle shows up to stir up trouble.

Eleventh Hour

Title: Pancakes
Category: Hood/Rachel UST, humour
Word Count: ~2700
Rating: PG
Summary: A simple stop for a late breakfast doesn’t quite go as planned for Hood and Rachel.


Title: Red
Characters/pairing: Roxanne, Megamind, Megamind/Roxanne
Genre: Romance, fluff, drabble
Word Count: 100
Summary:  Roxanne is surprised to learn that a certain song by The Police isn’t in Megamind’s extensive collection.


Title: Helen’s Heart
Category: John/Helen, Helen/James, angst, romance
Spoilers: 3×08 – For King and Country
Word Count:  ~1300
Rating: PG
Summary: Despite it all, Helen never stopped loving John.

Title: Coffee
Characters: Helen, James, Barney
Genre: Gen, humour
Word Count: ~750
Rating:  G
Prompt: First Times
Summary:  Exhausted from days of straight research, Helen tries coffee.  It goes as well as could be expected.

Title: To The Moon
Genre: Gen
Characters: The Five
Word Count: ~650
Rating: G
Summary: The Five contemplate the distance to the moon on the cold night of a lunar eclipse.

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