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Feb. 11/11

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Yes, Azula. My, uh, 'interest' in her shouldn't be that much of a surprise. And, yes, the fourteen year old part skeeves me out a hell of a lot more than the sociopath part.

And I swear to god I thought she was at least sixteen - that is not the voice of a fourteen year old.

Also, it bares mentioning that I'm simultaneously horrified by her. This cap quite excellently highlights one of the reasons....

As for the my leather fetish... um, yeah, those were just the first few examples I thought of in less than a minute - I can name of so many more examples of characters in leather. I also ran out of space and had to rewrite it so that Amanda Tapping fit in. I mean, it's Amanda Tapping. In leather. Oodles and oodles of leather in Sanctuary and Sam Carter in the biker leathers? Dammmmn, I'll be in my bunk!

(Of course, the Hell Bent For Leather page (which will probably be a broken link in the future, as TV Tropes kicked off the fetish fuel pages and put them in their own wiki) is supposed to be for overtly leather fetish-y leather (y'know, shiny black leather - which, incidently, isn't my kink as much as any other possible colour), but all leather - especially leather jackets - does it for me. And, hey, if Nine's jacket counts....)

(Also, because it has Amanda making that adorable face, moar Sam!)

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