The Journy To Become a Master!!


Chapter I

I Chose You!


                I woke up brite bright and early to get my first Pokémon.  I’m eleven years old and failed to get a Pokémon last year and so did my best friend.  Instead of training Pokémon we reasurched theme.

                Well I was the first person at Oaks Lab, so I got first chose.  I chose the one closest to me.  I wondered what it would be.

                “I chose you,” I said.

                To my surprise Charmander poped out!

                “Charmander,” it said.

                Oak So you want the fire type Charmander,” Oak asked.

                “Yes,” I said excitedly.

                Just then John walked in.

                “Hey, I wasn’t the first to chose!” he said.

                “If you snoze you lose,” I said.

                “Which one did you chose?” he asked.

                “The best,” I said.

                John reached for the Pokéball on the right.

                “Your mine!” he said.

                Out poped a Bulbasaur.

                “Yeh right you got the best!” John said.

                “Mines a fire its strong agenced your grass,” I replied.

                “How do you know mines a grass?” John asked.

                “I reasurched Bulbasaurs,” I replied.

                Just than Kathy ran in.

                “Am I to late?” she asked.

                “No,” I answerd.

                “Good!” she said as she picked up the remanding Pokéball.

                “Pokémon, I chose you!” she yelled.

                Out came a Squirtle!

                “So you want the water type Squirtle,” Oak asked.

                “Yep,” Kathy replied

                Kathy and I were about to leave but John stoped us.

                “Lets have a battle!” he challenged us.

                “O.K.,” the battle was on.

                “Both of your Pokémon for mine!” he said.


                “Charmander! go!” I said.

                “Charmander, Char!” he cried.

                “Bulbasaur, Go!” John said.

                “Charmander scrach!” I said

                “Char!” Charmander yelled as he sent a critacul hit scrach at Bulbasaur!

                “Bulba!” Bulbasaur cried in pain.

                “Charmander, return.”

                “It’s up to you Squirtle!”

                “Squirtle, Squirt, Squirt, Squirtle!”

                “Squirtle tackel now!”

                “Bulba-saur” Bulbasaur said as he fainted.

                “Return Bulbasaur,” John said, “You may have won this match but you wont win agien.”

                “See you Prof.,” we said as we left.

                “Good luck,” he called after us.


On The Road To Viridian City!

Chapter II


                “The first thing on our list is to get some Pokéballs,” said Kathy.

                “We will get some in the Pokémart in Viridian,” I said as we left Pallet.

                “I wonder when we will see Pallet agine,” said Kathy.

                “Soon.  I saw some Pokédex’s on Oaks desk so he will call us back.”

                “Cool a Pigey!” Kathy said.

                “And another one,” I replied, “Charmander! GO!”

                “No fair!  Squirtle go.”

                “There are two Pigeys not one!” I told her.


                “Charmander! Scratch!”

                “Squirtle tackle!” The two Pigeys fainted and our Pokémon grew to level 7!

                “All right!  Squirtle learned bubble!” Kathy yelled.

                “Good work Squirtle and Charmander.”

                “Lets get a move on to Viridian!”

                “Hey!  You two!  Wait up!”

                “Who are you?” I asked.

                “I work at Viridian Mart.”

                “Can we buy Pokéballs of you!” I asked.

                “I’m afride I don’t have any.  But here have a potion.”


                “See yah!”

                We encontered 4 Rattatats and 2 more Pigeyes!  So our Pokémon are now at level 8.

                We instently went to the Pokémon Center and healed Charmander and Squirtle. Then we went to the mart to get Pokéballs but in the end we got Oak’s parcel.

                “We better deliver this right away!” I said.

                “Lets go!”

                We encountered no Pokémon on our way back.

                “Good to see you two!” said Proffeser Oak, “Hey!  Whats that?”

                “Your parcel.”

                “Thanks for delivering it!”

                “Huh!  What are you doing here?” said John.

                “You guys!  I need yo each to take a Pokédex.”

                “But there is only two!” I said.

                “Will you and Kathy journy together?” asked Proffeser.

                “Yes we will!”  “You bet we will!”

                “Good take these and leave.”

                “We will not fail you, Proffeser!” I said for Kathy and I, “We will come back with them all!”

                “Good.  Good Bye.”

                “See yah Proffeser.”

                “Not so fast I go first!” John said.


                “Comeon we got to catch some Pokémon!”

                Kathy and I ran althoughway to the Pokémart Guy.  We slowed down to a walk and looked around for Pokémon to battle.

                “Hey Rattatata to battle over there!”

                PigdyPidgy over there!”

                “Charmander go!”

                “Go Squirtle!”



                “Level 9!  Yahoo!”

                Kathy and I keeped Char and Squirt out so we could talk to them.

                Before we knew it we were at Viridian again!  We quickly healed our Pokémon and went to the mart!  We bought four Pokeballs each and two potions (there were only two left!)

                After that we wandered west and incontered a spearow and mankey.  I caught the Makney and Kathy caught the Spearow!

                Then we incontered John!

                “Time for round two!” he said, “go Pidgy!”

                “Spearow, its your turn!” Kathy replied calmly, “peck!”

                “Pidgy, sand attack!”

                “Hang in there Spearow!”

                “Peck attack now!”

                “Ha, Ha!  You missed!” John remarked “gust now!”

                “Spearowwww!” Spearow yelled!  Spearow sudunly rapidly pecked Pidgy untill it fainted!  It skiped three levels!  (It’s now at level 9!)

                “Pidgy return  Go Bulbasaur!”

                “Mankey, lets rock!’


                “Mankey scratch!”


                “Leach seed!”

                “Mankey quick envade it!  Good work, leer!”

                “Quick Mankey scratch as fast as you can!”

                “Looks like thats the end of round two!” I said.

                “Humpf I just have to strengthen up my Pokemon a bit!”

                “More likely a lot.”

                “Hey what’s wrong with your Mankey?” asked Kathy.

                “Looks like he’s evolving!”

                Sure enough my Mankey evolved into Primape!

                “Your lucky!” said Kathy

                “Don’t be sad!” I said, “lets go raise your Spearow!”

                “Okay” Kathy said a bit more happy.

                Spearow quickly battled anoughther Spearow and evolved into Fearow!


The Viridian Forest!

Chapter III


                We walked back to Viridian and healed our Pokémon.  We were walking along and sudenly Kathy exclaimed, “The gym in Viridian!  We better go check it out!”

                “Yeah!  I wonder who the leader is, We never did figure that out!” I agreed.

                Unfortonetly the gym was locked, creating it impossibal to earn a badge.

                “Oh well!  We’ll come back after we win the other badges!”

                “Right,” I replide.

                “We may as well travel through the Viridian Forest – I hope I can catch a Pikachu or a Caterpie!” said Kathy.

                “Kay.  I’ll catch a Weedle and a Pidgey!” I replide.

                “I wonder if there will be any trainers around?” Kathy wondered.

                “If there is they are probably bug Pokémon trainers with Caterpies and Metepods.  I think we are ready to take them on, don’t you?” I asked.

                “No du!” Kathy exclaimed.

                When we entered the forest we spoted a person right away.  We walked up to him in hope of a Pokémon match.

                “Sorry.  I’m just waiting for my friends.  They’re Pokémon trainers thou and they love to battle,” the guy said.

                Sudenly Kathy yelled, “Caterpie!”

                “Shush,” I said, “don’t you remeber?  Caterpies are very shy. you’ll scare it away!”  Sure anouth the caterpie disapered before our very eyes.

                “Oh.  I wanted to catch it!” Kathy moaned.

                “Don’t worry.  You’ll have another chance,” I said then turned around, “You better have a lot of Pokéballs with you, look!”

                “I never read about this!” Kathy said.

                “Well neither have I.  But I do have some good advice!” I said.



                A caterpie rampage.  Something must have really frighted them ‘cause they didn’t seem to be casing us.  In fact they seemed to be scared.  Suddenly I spoted two people – around the age of eighteen – wearing white shirts with a red letter R on them.  I shouted to Kathy, “look!  Members of Team RocktRocket!  Over there!”

                “They must be the ones scaring the caterpies,” Kathy shouted back.

                “They will probably try and capture them and force them to evolve in Butterfrees!  Other wise Caterpies would be pretty usless to them!” I shouted at her.

                “We have got to attack them so the Caterpies stop rampaging!” Kathy yelled.

                “We can’t!  There are probably more hiding in the trees!  We can’t take them on!” I argued.

                “We have to take the chance!” Kathy yelled while grabing the pokéballs containing Fearow and Squirtle.

                “Fine!  Let’s destroy them!” I yelled, “Charmander, Primape!  Go wipe out Team Rocket!”

                “You too Fearow, Squirtle!  Show ‘em what we are made of!”

                “Look over there, Matt!  Two twerps!” One said.

                “Hey!  They are trying to ruin our plan, Mel!” Matt said.

                “Like they can!  The Caterpies are on the evolution rampage!” laughed Mel.

                “I rember now!  The caterpies are running towards the evolution part of the forest!” I said shocked, “I go distroy whatver’s sending the signal.”

                “You can’t do it alone!” Kathy argued.

                “No due!  I’m going to use Charmander!” I turned to Primeape and said, “Primeape.  While I’m gone do whatever Kathy tells you to do, okay!”

                Primeape grunted his agreement.

                “Charmander, comeon!  We got to destroy the signal!” I said, as Charmander and I ran to the